Moisture Curing & Surface Protection

Wet Curing

Reliable Cure helps brings a new standard to the concrete wet curing process. It represents the next generation of high performance concrete curing technology.

Reliable Concrete Accessories’ wet curing blankets help contractors:

  • Create a more durable slab
  • Reduce slab discoloration
  • End the need to run water lines and soaker hoses,
  • Cut the man-hours needed to track moisture curing
  • Retains 7 times their weight in water no extra re-wetting required

And our coast-to-coast distribution facilities make Reliable Cure easy to get whenever it’s needed.

Available in two types of wet curing blankets for a variety of projects:

  • Reliable Cure SOG is the right choice for all your slab-on-grade needs requiring a 7-day cure period. 
  • Reliable Cure VAB will get the job done if you need longer curing periods for vertical and bridge deck applications. 
pdf icon Download more information on ReliableCure SOG® — Slab On Grade

pdf icon Download more information on ReliableCure VAB® — Vertical and Bridge