UFP Concrete forming solutions XL oversize plywood

XL Program - Oversize Forming Plywood

In the past, supply of oversize concrete forming panels in the U.S. has been inconsistent. UFP Concrete Forming Solutions is changing the landscape of oversize forming panel supply throughout the U.S. with our growing XL Plywood stocking program. Oversize plywood gives you options for reduced placement labor costs and also fewer joints in your formwork. Our CNC Routing Solutions and ZeroWaste Cut-To-Size services provide even more value to your business to ensure every square foot of plywood you receive is 100% usable.

Available options include:

XL Domestic MDO in 5’x8’, 4’x10’ and 4’x12’

XL Domestic HDO in 4’x10’ and 4’x12’

XL Premium Birch 220/220 PSF  in 4’x10’, 4’x12’, 5’x’8’, 5’x10’ and 5’x12’

With adequate lead time, panel sizes much greater than these are available from UFP Concrete Forming Solutions. Our facilities are capable of pulling the exact pieces you need and packaging them for shipment to your yard or jobsite to minimize any potential in-transit damage.