UFP Concrete Forming Solutions import plywood panels

Import Forming Plywood

While North America’s plywood mills produce a wide selection of softwood (Doug Fir/Hem Fir and Pine) panels for various uses in the concrete forming industry, the global market often uses hardwood panels made of Birch and Poplar. The reason for this difference in plywood construction type is simply the availability of certain log types in other parts of the world. However, these plywood products are often requested for use in the US based on specific performance expectations and advantageous exchange rates.

Hardwood plywood options for the concrete forming industry most commonly come from mills located in Europe and Asia. Premium Birch panels from Russia and Latvia are often in high demand due to their multi-ply Birch composition, which allows for excellent dimensional stability. In addition, these panels are manufactured with a high resin phenolic surface film overlay on both sides to maximize usability.

Imported Birch panels are often specified for use in modular forming systems developed in Europe/Asia and brought to the U.S. The fabrication and machining services of UFP Concrete Forming Solutions allow us to provide ZeroWaste Cut-To-Size services for these panels to the exact dimensions required by modular systems.

UFP Concrete Forming Solutions is a major importer of panels available in the global market to our facilities in the U.S. Quality control is overseen by our International group’s purchasing team, on the ground and present in mills all across Europe, Asia and South America.

Imported Plywood