UFP Concrete Forming Solutions domestic plywood

Domestic Forming Plywood

North America’s plywood mills produce a highly diverse mix of plywood products for the specialized concrete forming industry. There are nine APA member mills that produce MDO grade plywood and seven mills that produce HDO grade plywood.They also produce unique proprietary products for specific applications.

Our national sales team is trained with the product knowledge to help answer any questions you have while making plywood decisions. We encourage our customers to pursue quality plywood options that are from an APA member mill and in compliance with the APA PS-1 standard for structural plywood. Below is a resource for you to obtain the appropriate data sheets and information you are looking for, directly from our suppliers.


APA Certified PS-1 MDO/HDO Manufacturers - Data Sheets & Resources

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UFP Concrete Forming Solutions is also proud to have developed our own proprietary panel for a very common type of application. PanPly is manufactured with a unique veneer surface and veneer composition that makes it a perfect match for pan form jobs.

View PanPly Data Sheet Here

There are also dozens of common non-overlaid plywood types used in the concrete forming industry. These panels will obviously provide a wood grain finish on your concrete with a low reusability factor. These options include the following grades: Shop, C+/C+, CDX, BC, BBOES and AC.