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UFP Concrete Forming Solutions distributes plywood to the concrete forming industry that is third party certified for quality by APA. APA PS-1 Standard for Structural Plywood establishes types and grades of structural plywood manufactured at its member mills.

APA – Engineered Wood Association traces its roots back to the beginning of the North American plywood industry in the 1930’s. While it was created as the Douglas Fir Plywood Association, it has evolved over time into APA – Engineered Wood Association. Currently, APA’s membership includes more than 170 mills that operate in 23 states and seven Canadian provinces.

APA is a valuable third party non-profit association that provides product certification, testing services, research, market support and development that benefits the US and Canadian manufacturers of structural engineered wood products. APA is responsible for auditing its member mills and setting the standards for plywood manufacturing for the plywood you use every day.

The comprehensive auditing program conducted by APA sets the bar for quality in manufacturing and allows them to develop produce use recommendations based on their research and grading standards. The APA Panel Trademark Stamps are visible on all plywood produced by APA member mills.

APA Concrete Forming Design/Construction Guide provides detailed information to assist in the selection and specification process of concrete form plywood. It is a document that is recommended for use by specifiers and contractors to review standards of all plywood types used in the concrete forming industry.

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