UFP Concrete Forming Solutions Lumber Products


Wood is our business, and we take it very seriously. The combined purchases of the Universal Forest Products family of companies establish us as the largest purchaser of softwood lumber in the U.S. Our vendor mills can supply us with every length of lumber you need, from 2’ lumber all the way up to 85’ timbers.

The species of lumber we supply varies by region.  Our ZeroWaste Cut-To-Length solutions also allow you to purchase the exact lengths of lumber you need, eliminating waste at your jobsite.

Our CNC Routing Solutions also give you the ability to have your lumber precision cut in any way you can imagine. Whether it is drilling holes, cutting a radius for curvilinear formwork components, ripping to exact widths or beveling edges, we can do it all before your lumber delivery arrives.

UFP Concrete Forming Solutions is also a supplier of dunnage lumber, wood lagging, lacing boards and specialty timbers.

We strive to find quality new products that benefit the construction industry. This effort has produced a successful new product launch in the State of Texas. Read about ProWood Dura Color Expansion Joint Lumber. Our innovative approach to providing solutions to the construction industry will continue to be a major initiative in the future.