UFP Concrete Forming Solutions engineered wood products

Engineered Wood Products

Advanced technology, design and engineering are producing structurally superior wood products for a variety of uses in the concrete forming industry. EWP products for use in concrete forming applications utilize the highest-quality materials to ensure product performance and dependability. The companies of Universal Forest Products have been engineering wood products, such as plated trusses, since 1955. We also distribute LVL, LSL and I-joist products from APA member mills.

Engineered Wood Products are specifically made for use in tilt-up construction, bridge deck applications, and vertical and horizontal forming applications. Every piece is consistent, usable and built to perform even when exposed to the elements over time. There is no sorting to find good pieces or knots and wane to work around. In addition to these benefits, your crews will be required to handle less material than forming the same project with traditional materials.

The UFP Concrete Forming Solutions formwork group can show you the value of working with EWP products like these on your next project

    For further information on EWP Products for the concrete forming industry, please view Pacific Woodtech’s Forming Guide – Technical Data for Concrete Formwork.