Chamfer & Reveal

Chamfer and Reveal

We distribute millions of lineal feet of chamfer across the U.S. annually. Our buyers have secured sources for quality hardwood chamfer. These are products we supply to contractor supply yards in addition to the lumber, plywood, wood stakes and other items required on mixed deliveries from our facilities.

Common chamfer profiles:


stock profiles 

Our CNC Routing Solutions also allow UFP Concrete Forming Solutions to be the premier supplier of reveal throughout the U.S. Our CNC Routers are capable of precision cutting any profile reveal your job requires. While certain substrates are common based on region, we are capable of cutting your reveal needs from any material your request. PVC, HDO, MDO, PSF, MDF, Moisture Resistant MDF, just to name a few. Contractor supply yards often benefit from our CNC Routing Solutions by keeping common size reveal for their specific market in stock and available for their customers. You bring us an opportunity, we will provide you with a solution.