UFP Concrete Forming Solutions plywood hauling truck


While UFP Concrete Forming Solutions is the leading supplier of lumber and plywood to the concrete forming industry, our comprehensive product and service offerings extend well beyond that. It is our mission to continue to break the mold and surpass the expectations placed on the industry’s traditional supply network. We provide services, products and knowledge that will truly make an impact in the industry and add value to your company.

The products available to the industry today are not the same as they were decades ago. Advancements in technology have changed nearly every aspect of the construction industry, and this evolution is far from over. This new technology includes plywood overlays, plywood construction methods, engineered wood products such as plated trusses and even pressure-treated lumber for expansion joint applications. Our staff brings forward-thinking solutions to the industry that really benefit the construction industry across the United States.

We are a resource for everyone. Owners, architects, engineering firms and contractors consult with UFP Concrete Forming Solutions on specification development, clarification and documentation. Additionally, we help our customers establish realistic product performance expectations in advance of their project. We want to eliminate the guesswork when it comes to product selection and make sure the choices you make today create the product you want to see in the future.

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