Heavy Civil concrete construction

Heavy Civil

The heavy construction and civil contractors of today are busy upgrading the nation’s infrastructure. These essential projects include large government and city projects, roads, bridges, ports, marine projects, airport expansions, waterworks, tunnels, trenching, pipeline and underground utilities. Whether your project is located in a downtown major metro area with no laydown space or a remote location hundreds of miles from the next big city, UFP Concrete Forming Solutions is positioned to successfully support your operations and provide the highest level of service.

Securing consistent skilled labor is a major challenge in every part of the country.  Our Fabrication and Machining services allow our heavy civil customers to keep a clean, efficient and, most importantly, safe jobsite. By utilizing our Fabrication and Machining services, you eliminate unnecessary material waste at your jobsite and the cost you would incur disposing of it.

Our professional production crews build quality formwork, designed to your specific requirements, in a controlled environment. No more missed deadlines due to weather, skilled labor shortages, time constraints or a lack of laydown area at your site. UFP Concrete Forming Solutions will have all of your bulk lumber, plywood and formwork needs on-site, the exact day you need them.