Concrete Construction Supply Yard

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UFP Concrete Forming Solutions allows construction supply yards of all sizes to receive the highest mix of wood-based concrete forming products on every delivery. As a supply chain manager or purchasing agent for a construction supply company, you may have hundreds of vendors and thousands of products to manage to keep your facilities in stock. Vendor consolidation is essential, and an overview of our products, services and delivery capabilities will make UFP Concrete Forming Solutions a top vendor to your organization.

The lumber and plywood market can be volatile. Seasonal demand, natural disasters and other unforeseen circumstances can make lumber and plywood planning difficult. We have  purchasing agents in the field and at two national purchasing offices who keep the lines of communication open between you and the mills. Our local sales staff not only have the product knowledge to support you , but they make sure you are “in the know” when it comes to the market so you can plan bulk purchases when it makes sense and run lean while market conditions warrant.

Many products our customers demand are sourced internationally. We have purchasing agents on the ground in Europe, Asia and South America who ensure our quality standards are met on the lumber, plywood and chamfer products we source from those continents. Our logistics team handles all ocean freight and handling through U.S. ports directly to your facility.

Buying from UFP Concrete Forming Solutions means you are buying directly from the manufacturer. Our facilities produce all of our wood stakes, strips, cut-to-size plywood, cut-to-length lumber and ProWood treated lumber products such as ProWood Dura Color Expansion Joint lumber.

Full and mixed loads of lumber and plywood can be arranged from any of our 35 facilities or direct from the mill. Below is an overview of high-volume items we carry in stock and can pair together to create highly efficient, mixed truckload deliveries to any facility in the U.S.

  • Plywood
  • Lumber
  • Chamfer
  • Wood Stakes
  • ProWood Dura Color Expansion Joint Lumber
  • Scaffold Plank
  • Hardboard/MDF
  • Bender Board
  • Foam
  • ReliableCure SOG Wet Curing Blankets, 7 Day
  • ReliableCure VAB Wet Curing Blankets, 14 Day