UFP Concrete Forming Solutions drafting and design

Drafting and Design

Our experienced design team are experts in concrete formwork design for all market segments, with extensive experience providing formwork solutions for all types of concrete shapes imaginable.  Our focus is to provide formwork system designs that are safe, economical and beneficial to your construction schedule. 

Our design staff will work from the contract document project plans to generate formwork production drawings and field installation drawings.  The design process is done in concert with the your input so that formwork meets the needs of the project, rather than you having to adapt the constraints of the formwork.

Using the latest in software design tools in 3-D modeling, we can ensure project accuracy in design that translates to our production software with a very high tolerance of accuracy to minimize any formwork site issues.  When designing formwork for building core projects, we use Revit BIM software so that it can be seamlessly integrated with the project plans by the architect, engineer and you for review or conflict detection of other trades.