UFP Concrete Forming Solutions cores


UFP Concrete Forming Solutions designs and builds the highest quality and most versatile wood-based core forming systems in the market. Constructed from strong and durable engineered wood products such as LVL concrete form beams, our custom built core forms are always faced with the highest quality APA-certified forming panels on the market. Utilizing one of our wood-based core forming systems allows your formwork to easily adapt to changes in wall thickness, shape and height.

The Gates #9 Anchor Lock and V-Lock forming systems designed and pre-assembled by our formwork production staff allow for 3’x3’ and 6’x4’ tie spacing, respectively. Self-spreading ties eliminate the concern for overtightening at the jobsite.

As your crews prepare to jump, they will benefit from the ease of collapsible inside corners, which allow the core to remain intact as a single unit while it is quickly and efficiently jumped, set and plumbed for the next pour.

Both the #9 Anchor Lock and V-Lock systems integrate the Gates Lift N’ Lock Safety Platform that travels with the core when picked.  This process is made possible by cast in place pockets that allow the platform to anchor to the wall and support the core.

UFP Concrete Forming Solutions also integrates the Dayton Superior Space Lift Roll Back System, which allows the outside forms to remain in place during the jump process. You’ll save valuable crane time by eliminating the need to lower the outside forms to the ground for the jump.

All Gates Forming Systems are available for rent through UFP Concrete Forming Solutions. 

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