UFP Concrete Forming Solutions columns


The Gates Lok Fast Column Clamp system continues to be one of the most popular column forming systems available to the market. Why is it so popular? It’s fast, designed for rapid placement of concrete and comes with no loose parts and pieces.

The design team at UFP Concrete Forming Solutions will design your column forms to full liquid head pour rates, and the production staff at any of our 35 nationwide facilities will pre-assemble and deliver to your jobsite the day you are ready to set your forms. Our column forms arrive with no loose pieces. Gates Adjustable Form Braces and Pick Up Loops will arrive pre-attached as well.

This system is capable of providing you with the highest quality concrete finish possible. Our production teams leave your plywood facing blemish-free by back screwing all fasteners and installing new plastic chamfer. This production method provides your plywood with the highest level of reusability and also some of the best looking concrete you will ever see.

UFP Concrete Forming Solutions also provides an inventory solution with your Gates Lok Fast Column Clamps. By arranging for your column forms to be returned to your local UFP facility, we can provide tear-down services and clean and inventory your assets so they are ready for us to use on your next column or job. There is no need to tie up jobsite or yard space with forms that can be prepped for use on your next project.

All Gates forming systems are available for rent through UFP Concrete Forming Solutions. 

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