UFP CFS cut-to-size plywood solutions

ZeroWaste Cut-To-Size Plywood Solutions

As a complement to our Cut-To-Length services for lumber, we offer Cut-To-Size services for our plywood products. UFP Concrete Forming Solutions supplies Cut-To-Size plywood products to bridge contractors, the precast industry, structural contractors and distributors of handset forming systems, just to name a few.

Our focus is bringing efficiency to your organization. You will save time and money by having your plywood needs Cut-To-Size at the same facility where the plywood was unloaded via railcar or truck directly from the mill. Our multi-rip panel saws are capable of making several cuts to multiple pieces of plywood on every pass while maintaining strict dimensional tolerances. In order to ensure the plywood is protected from moisture after being Cut-To-Size, we are able to apply edge seal to all cuts so that it ships to you with protection from the elements.

After your plywood has been Cut-To-Size, our CNC routers can produce any shape, bevel edges or drill tie holes to your exact specifications.

Handling plywood is a strenuous task when you consider an average piece of ¾” 4x8 plywood weighs 70 lbs. You can create a more efficient and safer jobsite by purchasing your plywood Cut-To-Size and reducing the amount of handling and cutting that is required by your crews.  

ZeroWaste Cut-To-Size Plywood Solutions provide you with:

  1. 100% Usable Product
  2. A Safer Jobsite
  3. No Waste Removal Costs
  4. More Space At Your Yard or Jobsite
  5. More Time to Complete Critical Tasks