UFP CFS zero waste cut to length lumber

ZeroWaste Cut-To-Length Lumber Solutions

Since 1955, the companies of Universal Forest Products have been the premier value-add re-manufacturer of lumber and plywood products for a broad range of industries. During that time, our continuous focus on achieving maximum yield from the products we put through our machine centers has made us a very efficient manufacturing company. Full fiber utilization is a philosophy that UFP Concrete Forming Solutions embraces and implements to the benefit of your bottom line.

As North America’s largest purchaser of softwood lumber for the construction industry, you can be confident that our inventory is always stocked with every length of lumber that mills commonly produce. It is common practice for concrete forming companies to request 16’ lumber, which is often the most expensive length available. After delivery, the lumber is then individually placed on saw horses and cut to the actual length that is required, producing waste.

Accumulating waste at your yard or on your jobsite costs you more money than you realize. In addition to paying a premium for the length of lumber you purchased, you have handling, waste and disposal costs to consider. Material waste is a by-product of inefficiency and is something that we can help you reduce and even eliminate on your jobsite.

Our customers benefit from Cut-To-Length Solutions available at all of our manufacturing facilities. When planning production, not only will we begin with the optimal length of lumber for your requested cuts, our saws are capable of cutting an entire unit of lumber at a time, not individual pieces. Any sawdust or drops that occur are put back into other machine centers for full fiber utilization. No waste. Once your Cut-To-Length product arrives at the destination, it is ready for immediate use.

ZeroWaste Cut-To-Length Lumber Solutions provide you with:

  1. 100% Usable Product
  2. A Safer Jobsite
  3. No Waste Removal Costs
  4. More Space At Your Yard or Jobsite
  5. More Time To Complete Critical Tasks