UFP Concrete Forming Solutions blockout solutions

Blockout Solutions

UFP Concrete Forming Solutions provides blockout, or void fill, services that continue to expand in scope across all market segments. By utilizing our truss presses and CNC routers, we offer a wide variety of solutions that meet your structural needs.

Our blockout solutions are designed to fill any void, regardless of shape and size, in any structure. They will arrive packaged and labeled in the sequence your crews need for installation purposes. A list of common examples where our blockout solutions have provided value to contractors are:

  • Deck Voids
  • Column Form Voids
  • Wall Openings
  • Door Openings
  • Window Openings
  • Bent Caps in Bridge Work
  • Tapered Bridge Overhangs

We supply our customer base with blockouts for a wide variety of uses such as window and door openings, pipes and HVAC. Supplying blockouts to water treatment plants, bridges and tunnels means every blockout solution we provide is always unique. Our ported blockouts even provide our customers with the ability to access underneath the blockout with their vibrator to ensure proper consolidation of concrete.