Composite Nailer Strips

Plastic Nailer Strips

UFP Concrete Forming Systems Nailer Strips, made using Eovations™ fully-fibrous, extruded composite, offer a combination of strength, stability and durability unheard of in common wood nailer strips.

Traditionally, contractors have needed to make their own wood nailer strips—and they wear out fast. They chip as a result of repeated nailing, lose holding power, and rot due to the absorption of moisture and exposure to the elements. Continual replacement of traditional strips cost time and money and create unnecessary waste.

Extreme Durability

  • No chipping
  • No rotting
  • No shrinking or swelling
  • Reusable time and again
  • Superior nail retention for securing plywood to aluminum beams
  • Made in USA
  • Virtually self-healing resilience
  • Highest-quality and longest-lasting strips available on the market
Composite nailer strip

UFP Composite Nailer Strips

Wooden nailer strip

Traditional wood nailer strips