UFP Concrete Forming Solutions construction site

Why Choose Us?

UFP Concrete Forming Solutions is the go-to supplier for wood-based concrete forming systems, earning a reputation for doing what others can't. Regardless of the job's complexity, if it can be formed with wood, we can do it better than anyone.

Industry expertise.
Our dedicated sales and design teams combine decades of experience to ensure you select the most appropriate concrete forming products for your specific project. We have state-of-the-art software design capabilities and machinery, allowing you to take on any size project with confidence.

Bigger is better.
With 35 affiliates across the U.S. that can collaborate on jobs of any size and with our own delivery fleet, we can easily serve any large metro area or remote location. We also ship into Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico. We are the nation's largest purchaser of plywood and lumber for the concrete forming industry.