Expansion joints featuring ProWood Dura Color

Expansion Joints

Did you know the redwood you're currently sourcing for expansion joints might contain sapwood, which is NOT code-compliant?

If you purchase redwood for expansion joint applications, there are a few things you need to know:

  • Redwood consists of heartwood and sapwood. Heartwood is red, sapwood is lighter in color.
  • Redwood containing sapwood will be more susceptible to bugs. This can impact the wood and cause different rates of decay.
  • For redwood to be an effective and long lasting expansion joint, it must consist of all heartwood. It must also be free of open knot holes, splits, checks, and other defects.
  • The availability of quality all-heart redwood is becoming more scarce every year that passes.

ProWood Dura Color is the best alternative because it's:

  • Milled and pressure treated in Texas
  • Pressure treated for ground contact
  • Redwood-tone in color for easy identification
  • Abundant and ready to ship

ProWood Dura Color concrete forming expansion joint